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Stephen R. Clark, CleverSmith™ Writing

#Writer #Christian #Introvert

Oreland, PA

Writing • Editing
Editorial Project Management

Serving businesses, non-profits, higher ed, faith-based organizations, and individuals









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"Providing great service
                    to meet your needs."

To put it simply, I provide writing, editing, and editorial project management, as well as other communications-related services.

  • Hire Me For Writing (non-fiction only)
    Writing includes online content, books, ad copy, newsletters, news releases, articles, etc. -- all things written! This also includes "ghostwriting," although I no longer do uncredited writing.

  • Hire Me For Editing (non-fiction only)
    I do what is called development or substantive editing, which may include some rewriting.

  • Hire Me For Editorial project management (non-fiction only)
    Editorial project management includes tasks such as helping develop and maintain a newsletter or other periodical, managing a website's content, serving as a book packager, or acting as the general editor for a book series or compilation.

Markets Served

Topical areas I'm experienced in include technology, business, faith, Bible, higher education, and communications.

  • Book Publishers, Authors
    Do you need a professional and experienced content editor? A project manager for one or a series of books? Been there, done that! 

  • Business (big & small), Corporate
    With my unique background and experience in small companies and large corporations, I can provide your business with exactly the kind and quality of written and other communication help required. Do you need engaging and well-written articles for your company publications? Contact me when you need interviews, features, new products and services write ups, reviews, and more! Always on deadline -- often before. Always to your satisfaction. Whether your message is directed to other businesses, to customers, or to your employees, I will work with you to develop the ideal communication.

  • Churches
    Do you need professionally developed brochures? Help with newsletters and direct mail? Carefully crafted news releases? Web copy? I’m always willing to discuss adjusting my rates to meet your budget needs.

  • General (Non- Profits, Faith-Based, Higher Education, Government, etc.)
    I have worked with community arts councils, service organizations, senior citizen care providers, major book publishers, manufacturers, television stations, educational institutions, churches and religious organizations, and more.

  • Individuals, Consultants, Ministries
    Are you a one-person operation working hard for others with no time for yourself? Need a brochure, flyer, or news release to set the right image? Want to have your own e-mail newsletter? Do you have a great idea or a rough draft of a book you need help with? Looking for assistance with an article? Need help writing an important letter? I'll be happy to talk with you about your project and needs.

  • Periodicals
    Need timely columns or feature articles on topics relevant to your readers? Book reviews? Interviews? I’d be happy to discuss your assignment.

  • Technical
    My technical communication experience spans more than ten years. I understand how to communicate technical information to a non-technical audience, including proposal development.

Other Services

Other services, such as communications management, public relations, etc., will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. I'm happy to work with you to develop communications plans and strategies, to execute existing plans, to provide public relations support, and so forth. Let's talk about your needs!

FYI: I am not a resume writer.

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  • Accreditation materials

  • Ad copy

  • Book reviews

  • Branding

  • Brochures

  • Business writing

  • Co-authoring

  • Collateral materials

  • Communications consulting

  • Content development

  • Content editing

  • Copywriting

  • Corporate communications

  • Devotionals

  • eBook development

  • Editing

  • Email Newsletters

  • Employee communications

  • Feature writing

  • Flyers

  • Ghostwriting

  • Interviews

  • Internal communications

  • Journalism

  • Marketing materials

  • Media

  • News releases

  • Newsletters

  • Non-profit

  • Product materials

  • Profiles

  • Project management

  • Proposals

  • Public relations

  • Rewriting

  • Social Media

  • Speeches

  • Storytelling

  • Technical writing

  • Web content

  • White papers

  • . . . you get the idea


>> Exhibiting mental adroitness or astuteness; practical ingenuity, understanding, skill; original, bright, nimble, shrewd, inventive, playful, amusing, witty.


>> One who makes or works at something specific. Often used in combination: A wordsmith (a fluent and prolific writer, especially one who writes professionally; an expert with words.)

"The Hungering Dark: Awakening" by Stephen R. Clark












What others say about Stephen:

"Stephen Clark has the unique ability to listen to my verbalizations and maybe see a simple sketch on paper and synthesize those ramblings into exactly what I wanted! His creativity and insights combine to allow him to create clear concise communication in a way that sounds like I said it, but better than I ever could."


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#Writer #Christian #Introvert