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#Writer #Christian #Introvert

Oreland, PA

Writing • Editing
Editorial Project Management

Serving businesses, non-profits, higher ed, faith-based organizations, and individuals









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"He provides excellent results
                   and at a reasonable cost."

I aim to price fairly and keep it simple. So, writing and editing is negotiable. Let's talk about your needs before we talk about pricing.

For consulting, whether in person, on the phone, or via email, it's $95 per hour in 15 minute increments.

Articles for consumer and religious periodicals can be priced at your established rates.

I'm always willing to offer reduced rates to non-profit and ministry organizations, within reason.

Here is an excellent resource related to pricing: http://www.the-efa.org/res/rates.php.

Quality Commitment

All work will be completed to your satisfaction.

Travel & Expenses

If you are not locally based (within the Oreland, PA area), I can work effectively in a virtual environment. We should be able to conduct most or all of our business over the phone and via e-mail. When a meeting is required, I will be happy to travel anywhere in the world. All travel, lodging, meals, car rental, and other related expenses must be paid directly by you at the time they are incurred.

Expenses related to copies, transcripts, research, long distance calls, materials, supplies, travel, lodging, meals, etc. that are directly related to your project will be billed to you. No expenses will be generated without your prior approval.

General Terms

All invoices are due immediately upon receipt unless otherwise mutually agreed to. Pricing generally will be estimated in a discussion and then finalized in an e-mail, a contract, a letter of agreement, or a verbal agreement, and will be quoted at a per project or hourly rate depending on the nature of the project and your budget constraints.

All consultation is billable whether done in person, on the phone, or via e-mail. Initial brief consultations are usually not billed.

For some projects, some initial consultation and work may be included "free" at my discretion. However, once the project is initiated and work progresses at your direction, if the project is terminated, all "free" work becomes billable and will be included in a settlement invoice.

Payment Terms

All work is invoiced upon completion or at a mutually agreed to timing. Project payment is generally 50% of contracted estimate at project start and 25% of contracted estimate at mid-point of project, or according to terms of the contract / agreement, and the balance due at completion. Special terms are negotiable.

Additional project related expenses such as transcriptions, travel, lodging, supplies, etc., are to be reimbursed as they are incurred or paid directly by you.

All charges are always due upon receipt of invoice. Payments will be made by check (made payable to Stephen R. Clark), or online using credit cards through PayPal (add 3%).

Past Due Invoices / Late Payment Charges

All invoices are due upon receipt. Those not paid within 30 days of invoicing are subject to a 15% late charge. All invoices not paid within 60 days of invoicing are subject to an additional 15% late charge and will be turned over for collection.

Early Termination of Project

If a project is terminated before completion by you for any reason (except as mutually agreed to), all previous "free" hours (i.e., work done "on spec" in good faith that the project would be completed and paid as agreed, initial development time, and all work involving third parties) will become fully billable and will be included in the final settlement billing.

Other Services

Other services, such as communications management, public relations, etc., will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. I'm happy to work with you to develop communications plans and strategies, to execute existing plans, to provide public relations support, and so forth.

Don't be shy! Let's talk about your needs.

What I don't do:

I do not provide writing or editing services for fiction, poetry, or drama.

I do not offer proofreading.

I do not do resumes.

I don't do spin.

And I am not a resume writer.

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Pay invoices

FOR CLIENTS ONLY : Pay your invoice online.

Pay online using PayPal.com. Click on the Pay Now button below, and then follow the on-screen instructions. There is a 3% additional charge for paying via PayPal.

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>> Exhibiting mental adroitness or astuteness; practical ingenuity, understanding, skill; original, bright, nimble, shrewd, inventive, playful, amusing, witty.


>> One who makes or works at something specific. Often used in combination: A wordsmith (a fluent and prolific writer, especially one who writes professionally; an expert with words.)

"The Hungering Dark: Awakening" by Stephen R. Clark















What others say about Stephen:

"Stephen is tireless and sensitive to my needs, both content-wise and time-wise. He always is very close to what I want the first time. He works with me patiently and quickly to incorporate my requests and suggestions into his drafts to result in what I want on a timely basis. He is sensitive to the time demands of my business. When I need something on a tight timeline, he can be counted on to deliver."

"Stephen's creativity is professional and holds up over time. His ideas are solid, not trendy, so things we did or wrote two years ago still look fresh today. Above all, Stephen is an honest, moral, and ethical businessman. Everything starts there. His work and relationships with clients reflect that."

"Stephen provided timely, professional, useful, practical, and effective services."


Stephen R. Clark | Stephen@CleverSmith.com

Thoughtful. Creative. Engaging. Clever!

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#Writer #Christian #Introvert